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Voting for Anarchy on an RSPS toplist temporarily grants 20% bonus experience. The bonus lasts 1 minute for every 5 vote points received. To make optimal use of this bonus, it is recommended to plan in advance how to use it.

Agility and Hunter are the slowest skills to train, followed by Smithing and Runecrafting, so it may be wise to use the bonus XP for these skills. As prayer is one of the most expensive skills in terms of money, using the bonus XP from voting will save a considerable amount of coins when training prayer.

Tip: For the random event with the cat lady, it's not necessary to be in the same room to click on the cat.

List of guides

Skill Guide
Agility icon.png Agility
Cooking icon.png Cooking
Crafting icon.png Crafting
Farming icon.png Farming
Fishing icon.png Fishing
Herblore icon.png Herblore
Hunter icon.png Hunter
Magic icon.png Magic
Mining icon.png Mining
Prayer icon.png Prayer
Runecraft icon.png Runecraft
Smithing icon.png Smithing