Treasure Trails

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Treasure Trails is a minigame which involves solving clue scrolls, rarely dropped items dropped by the majority of monsters in Anarchy. Clue scrolls contain clues and riddles for the player to solve to eventually find a reward casket, which may contain unique rewards. A clue scroll can be obtained randomly from killing monsters, opening Crystal chests, Daily gear boxes, Daily skill boxes or Hourly reward boxes, looting lucky implings, fishing, woodcutting or mining.

There are six different levels of clue scrolls, the higher level ones being more difficult to complete. Players can own up to one clue scroll of each level at a time.

There is no fixed location for Treasure Trails, the clue scrolls may send you throughout the whole of Gielinor.

Difficulty levels

Clue scrolls have six types of difficulty levels, these are: beginner, easy, medium, hard, elite and master. More difficult trails provide more valuable rewards.

Only one clue scroll of the same difficulty may be in a player's possession at a time, however it is possible to possess multiple scrolls of different difficulties each.

Some clues will require a certain skill requirement.

Tier Length Guide Rewards
Reward casket (beginner).png Beginner 1-3 steps N/A Reward casket
Reward casket (easy).png Easy 2-4 steps N/A Reward casket
Reward casket (medium).png Medium 3-5 steps Medium clues guide Reward casket
Reward casket (hard).png Hard 4-6 steps N/A Reward casket
Reward casket (elite).png Elite 5-7 steps N/A Reward casket
Reward casket (master).png Master 6-8 steps N/A Reward casket