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Players begin their Anarchy journey in Edgeville, also known as "Edge" or "home". It's located next to the Wilderness and contains all the features one needs to get started.


The fastest way of travelling to Edgeville is by using the Edgeville Home Teleport spell. This is the first spell at the top left of any spellbook. This teleport is instantaneous, free and without cooldown period.

Another fast method of getting to Edgeville is by typing the ::home command into the chat bar.


The Edgeville bank

The Edgeville bank is located in the centre of the town.

Besides the bankers, the following NPCs can be found in the Edgeville bank:

Aside from banking, the Edgeville bank also contains some other notable features:


The General Store

General Store

The building northwest of the Edgeville bank contains the main shops of Anarchy. It's often referred to as the General Store. The following shops can be found in this place:

To the west wall:

  • Achievement Handler: this shop sells the achievement diary cape and hood to players that have completed all Achievement Diaries in exchange for 99,000 coins.
  • Cosmetic Supplies Store: this shop sells cosmetic items. Some clue scrolls require items that can be bought in this shop.

To the north wall:

  • Consumables Store: the Cooking Tutor sells potions and fish. This shop can not be accessed by Ironman players.
  • Combat Supplies Store: the Melee Combat Tutor sells melee items.
  • Range Supplies Store: the Range Combat Tutor sells ranged items.
  • Magic Supplies Store: the Magic Combat Tutor sells magic items, such as runes and staves. An Ironman can only buy rune packs, runes, soft clay and battlestaves from this shop.
  • Skillcape Shop: the Wise Old Man sells skillcapes and corresponding hoods in exchange for 99,000 coins. A player can only buy a skillcape and hood if they have achieved level 99 in that particular skill.

To the east wall:

  • Ironman Store: this store is only accessible to Ironman players. The Ironman Shop Keeper mainly sells items that are required to complete some of the clue scrolls and items that can be used for skilling.
  • General Store: the Shop Assistant of the General Store mainly sells items that can be used for skilling, such as a tinderbox, a hammer, pickaxes, axes and potion ingredients.

Other stores

Achievement Shop

In the Achievement Shop, located northeast of the Edgeville bank, players can buy a ring of wealth, a hard clue scroll and some cosmetic items in exchange for achievement points. Achievement points can be obtained by completing achievements.

Bounty Hunter Store

The Emblem Trader, who can be found north of the Edgeville bank, buys mysterious emblems from the player in exchange for bounty points. Mysterious emblems can be obtained from the vote shop, the PK point shop, the wildy pursuit crate, killing a monster assigned by Krystilia or killing another player in the wilderness while having them assigned as a Bounty Hunter target.

In the Emblem Trader's Bounty Hunter Store, players can buy items such as some of the God books, items to recolour or upgrade weapons and the ring of wealth scroll.

When talking to the Emblem Trader, a player can also ask to get skulled. When skulled, players will lose all items upon death, unless the Protect Item prayer is used, in which case they will only keep their single most valuable item upon death. Although having a skull is extremely dangerous as it makes a player a lucrative target for other players, when fighting revenants their drop rates are doubled while skulled.

Lastly, the Emblem Trader also gives the player the possibility to toggle the Bounty Hunter streak overlay on or off.

Blood Money Store

In the Blood Money Store, located just north of the Group Ironman lobby, players can buy Ancient Warriors' equipment in exchange for blood money. Blood money can be obtained from killing revenants, as a reward from the wildy pursuit crate or by completing a daily task.

Clue Scroll Handler

Watson, the Clue Scroll Handler, stands in front of the building left of the Edgeville bank. In his shop, Watson's treasure hunter shop, he sells items necessary to complete certain types of clue scrolls.

He also gives the player a master clue scroll in exchange for an easy, medium, hard and elite clue scroll. Trading in a lesser easy, medium, hard and elite reward casket at Watson will give the player a lesser master reward casket. The player can give one clue scroll or lesser reward casket to Watson at a time to save up for respectively a master clue scroll or a lesser master reward casket.

Culinaromancer's Shop

Culinaromancer's Shop sells gloves, such as barrows gloves, to players who have defeated the Culinaromancer and his accompanying bosses. To find these bosses, the player has to use the portal to Culinaromancer's dimension, which can be found in the building west of the Edgeville bank. After completing the minigame, the player can open Culinaromancer's shop by right-clicking the chest next to the portal and selecting the option "Buy-items".

Donator Store

The Donator Store can be found north of the Edgeville bank. Items in the donator store can be bought with donator points.

See the store page on the Anarchy website for more information on the donator store and donator perks.

Grace's Graceful Store

Grace, who can be found south of the Edgeville bank, sells the pieces of the graceful outfit, the graceful recolour to recolour these pieces and amylase packs in exchange for marks of grace. Marks of grace can be obtained by running laps on Rooftop Agility Courses.

She can also teleport the player to the different Agility courses.

Pet Store Keeper

The Pet Store can be accessed at the Pet Store Keeper west of the Edgeville bank. This store sells pets in exchange for pet points. Pet points can be obtained by selling pets to the pet store or by purchasing them from the donator store for 12 donator points each. Selling a pet gives 20% of the points it would cost to buy the pet.

PK Point Shop

Talking to Mandrith, located between the General Store and the Group Ironman lobby, opens the PK Point Shop in which a player can buy items for PK points. PK points, as well as PK point tickets, can be obtained by killing other players in the wilderness or by killing a wildy pursuit boss. PK point tickets can be exchanged for PK points at the Ticket Exchange. The PK point shop sells items such as infinity robe pieces.

Sigmund's Shop

The shop of Sigmund The Merchant can be found north of the Edgeville bank. Sigmund buys items that players obtain from the thieving stalls just south of him. It's a great way to make money for new players.

Vote Shop

Players can vote for Anarchy on an RSPS toplist through the [vote page] on the Anarchy website. The vote page can be reached in-game by typing the ::vote command in the chat bar. As reward for voting, players automatically receive vote points and a temporary 20% bonus experience and NPC drop rate boost on their account. Vote points can be exchanged for items at the Vote Exchanged, who can be found next to the east wall in the Edgeville bank.

Grand Exchange

The Grand Exchange can be accessed through one of the Grand Exchange Clerks that are found in Edgeville - one inside the Edgeville bank (at the south end) and one near Wizard Mizgog. A player can start buying or selling an item by selecting an offer slot, then either typing part of an item name to start buying or selecting an item from their inventory to start selling.


Thieving stalls can be found just north of the Edgeville bank. The items can be sold to the shop of Sigmund The Merchant, who is standing north of the thieving stalls. It's a great way to make money for new players.


Slayer masters in Edgeville
Main article: Slayer

South of the Edgeville bank, players can find all the slayer masters, except for Krystilia, who can be found northeast of the Edgeville bank.

Group Ironman lobby

The Group Ironman lobby

After choosing Group Ironman as game mode in the starter screen, the player will enter a lobby with other Group Ironman Mode players, whom they can invite to their group.

While inside the lobby, a player can right-click another player to invite them to their group. Whoever sent the invite will become the group leader. Only the group leader can invite other players into the group. The group leader can re-enter the lobby at any time later on to invite additional group members.

If a player leaves a group (or has been kicked), they will become the leader of their own group and will need to recruit new members in the lobby. Note that is it not possible to join an already existing group after leaving a group.

See Game modes for more information on Anarchy game modes.

Other useful NPCs


Players can fully restore their hitpoints and run energy by talking to A'abla, who is standing next to the altar north of the Edgeville bank.

Bob Barter

Bob Barter, who stands to the east wall in the General Store in Edgeville, can decant partially full potions. Decanting is the method in which partially full potions of the same kind are combined to produce one full potion and/or one partially empty potion. For example, decanting a potion containing 3 doses and another containing 2 doses yields one full potion (4 doses) and one partially full potion (1 dose).

Daily Task Master

The Daily Task Master stands in the north of the Edgeville bank. Talking to her lets the player enable or disable daily tasks and, if enabled, select a preference on the type of tasks. There are two types of tasks: PvM related tasks and skilling related tasks. The player can receive a new daily task the next day after completing one. On completing a daily task, the player will obtain 200 to 500 blood money and a Daily Gear Box if they completed a PvM related task or a Daily Skill Box for completing a skilling related task.

Drop Manager / Combat Instructor

The Drop Manager (also the Combat Instructor), who can be found in front of the General Store in Edgeville, at the right side, can reset a combat skill to level 1 (or 10 in the case of Hitpoints) for 5,000,000 coins.

When talking to the Drop Manager, the player can also configure their drop value to a certain amount, so there will be a graphical effect at the place where an item with a value of that amount or higher drops on the floor. The player will also receive a message for those drops in their chatbox.

The Drop Manager lets the player configure the colours of the text appearing above an item on the ground by selecting a colour of choice, then clicking "Set Color To Item" and typing the exact item name in the chat bar. Different colours can be chosen for different items.

Lastly, the player can choose a minimum value for items to show text above them when they are dropped on the floor.


Main article: Flower Poker

Players can obtain flowers from winning a flower poker game. These flowers can be given to the florist in return for flower points. The florist is located just outside the Edgeville bank, close to the gambler.

For each white flower, the player receives a random amount between 150 and 400 flower points; for each black flower, the player receives a random amount between 50 and 100 flower points. For any other flowers, the player receives 1 flower point per flower given.

As soon as a player saved up 150 flower points, they can turn in these flower points for one of the following rewards:

  • A super mystery box (not for Ironman Mode players)
  • A cosmetic mystery box
  • A scroll to add 100 to their amount donated


Main article: Flower Poker

In order to participate in flower poker, players can talk to the gambler who is located just outside the Edgeville bank. At least five mithril seeds are needed to play flower poker. Mithril seeds can be bought in the donator store for one donator point each or in the vote shop for fifteen vote points each.

A player can choose to play a game with or without the gambler participating, but if they choose the latter the game will be canceled if no other real player wants to participate. A player can play flower poker on their own if they allow the gambler to participate.

Different waiting times can be chosen: 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Depending on the chosen option, other players will have 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes to join in on the game. Once this timer expires, the player still needs to be in Edgeville and have five mithril seeds in their inventory in order to play the game when it starts.

Imbue Handler

The Imbue Handler, located to the west wall in the General Store in Edgeville, can imbue a regular ring or salve amulet in exchange for 250 PK points or 1,000 slayer points.

Ironman Handler

The Ironman Handler can be found next to the west wall in the General Store in Edgeville. Ironman players can speak to him to revert their account to Regular Mode. This process has a 3 day delay. During this delay, the player can cancel the revert. Once the account has been reverted, there is no way back.

Mage of Zamorak

The Mage of Zamorak, who can be found northeast of the Edgeville bank, can teleport the player to the Abyss, the Astral altar, the Wrath altar and the Essence Mine. As long as a player doesn't have a small pouch yet, the Mage of Zamorak will give them one.

Make-over Mage

The Make-over Mage can be found against the west wall of the Edgeville bank. He lets players change their appearance provided they are not wearing any equipment.

Otto Godblessed

Otto Godblessed, who stands in front of the General Store in Edgeville, at the left side, can turn a zamorakian spear into a zamorakian hasta and vice versa in exchange for 10,000,000 coins.

Ticket Exchange

The Ticket Exchange stands next to the left wall in the Edgeville bank. He can exchange vote tickets and PK point tickets for respectively vote points and PK points. Vote points can be used to buy items in the Vote Shop; with PK points, the player can buy items in the PK Point Shop. PK points as well as PK point tickets can be obtained by killing other players or by killing a wildy pursuit boss.

Weird Old Man

The Weird Old Man in the building east of the Edgeville bank will recharge a degraded crystal bow or a crystal weapon seed into a new crystal bow when used on him, in exchange for the following amount of coins:

Item Cost to recharge
4215.png Crystal bow 9/10 100,000
4216.png Crystal bow 8/10 120,000
4217.png Crystal bow 7/10 150,000
4218.png Crystal bow 6/10 180,000
4219.png Crystal bow 5/10 210,000
4220.png Crystal bow 4/10 240,000
4221.png Crystal bow 3/10 270,000
4222.png Crystal bow 2/10 300,000
4223.png Crystal bow 1/10 320,000
Crystal weapon seed.png Crystal weapon seed 350,000

Wizard Mizgog

Wizard Mizgog can be found just southeast of the General Store in Edgeville. He gives the same teleport interface as the teleports from the spellbook. He also has a "Last-location" option. This teleports the player to the last location they had teleported to.

Other useful features


North of the Edgeville bank there is an altar, which allows a player to recharge their Prayer points.


Right of the Edgeville bank there are two anvils used to smith items through the Smithing skill. An anvil can be used to smith items by using a bar on an anvil while the player has a hammer in their inventory, after which a selection screen will come up.

Crystal chest

Next to the east wall in the Edgeville bank and in the building left of the Edgeville bank, players can find crystal chests. The chests are locked and can only be opened using a crystal key.


In the building east of the Edgeville bank there is a furnace. A furnace is an object used in Smithing to smelt various ores into metal bars.

Occult altar

In the northeastern corner of the Edgeville bank there is an occult altar. The occult altar lets players switch their spellbook between the Ancient spellbook, Lunar spellbook and normal spellbook.

Ornate rejuvenation pool

Against the north wall in the Edgeville bank there is an ornate rejuvenation pool. Emerald donators or higher can restore their Hitpoints, special attack and Prayer points by drinking from the pool. Once the pool has been used, it has a 72 seconds cooldown before it can be used again.

Portal to the Culinaromancer

In the building left of the Edgeville bank there is a portal that teleports the player to the Culinaromancer. The player must defeat the six bosses and the Culinaromancer to complete the minigame. Once the player has completed the minigame, they will be able to buy gloves, such as barrows gloves, from the Culinaromancer's shop.