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Most equipment have the exact same requirements, bonuses and effects as in Oldschool RuneScape. Custom items and items with different requirements, bonuses or effects are listed here.

Blood weapons

Anarchy has a unique category of weapons, named blood weapons. They are created by combining a regular weapon with a blood item. Blood items are obtained from ultimate mystery boxes or the donator store. It adds a passive effect to the weapon which has a 25% chance to heal the player for 25% of the damage dealt (or 6.25% of the damage dealt on average).

The blood items are as follows:

  • Blood blade: attach to a Scythe of vitur to create a Blood scythe.
  • Blood bowstring: attach to a Twisted bow to create a Blood bow.
  • Blood tentacle: attach to an Abyssal tentacle to create a Blood whip.
  • Blood fang: attach to a Toxic blowpipe to create a Blood blowpipe.
  • Blood limbs: attach to an Armadyl crossbow to create a Blood crossbow or to a Dragon Hunter crossbow to create a Blood hunter crossbow.

Blood weapons.png