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In Edgeville, players can play a game of completely automated flower poker.

Starting a game

To participate in flower poker, players can talk to the gambler who is located just outside the Edgeville bank. At least five mithril seeds are needed to play flower poker. Mithril seeds can be bought in the donator store for one donator point each or in the vote shop for fifteen vote points each.

A player can choose to play a game with or without the gambler participating, but if they choose the latter, the game will be canceled if no other real player wants to participate. A player can play flower poker on their own if they allow the gambler to participate.

Different waiting times can be chosen: 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes. Depending on the chosen option, other players will have 30 seconds, 2 minutes or 5 minutes to join in on the game. Once this timer expires, the player still has to be in Edgeville and have five mithril seeds in their inventory in order to play the game when it starts.

When the game starts, players will be teleported close to the gambler and automatically plant their five seeds. Each seed planted will result in a random flower (red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, assorted or rainbow coloured). There is also a 1/500 chance that a seed will result in a black flower and a 1/1000 chance that it will result in a white flower.


If someone plants a black or white flower, they will automatically win the game. If no black or white flower is planted, the player (or gambler) that planted the best combination of flowers will win the game. These combinations are as follows (high to low):

  • Five of a kind
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house (three of one type and one pair of another type)
  • Three of a kind
  • Two pairs
  • One pair

In case of a tie, the participants with the highest combination will play another round of poker to determine a winner (no mithril seeds will be consumed in this next round). In case of yet another draw, this process is repeated until there is one winner left. Unlike real life casinos, the gambler in Anarchy has the exact same chance to win the game as any regular player.

The flowers are automatically planted and logging out will cause your character to keep planting flowers (albeit invisible to others). This means there is no possibility to cheat or leave the game once started.


The winner wins all of the flowers of the other participants. These flowers can be given to the florist (found very close to the gambler) in return for flower points. For each white flower, the player receives a random amount between 150 and 400 flower points; for each black flower, the player receives a random amount between 50 and 100 flower points. For any other flowers, the player receives 1 flower point per flower given.

As soon as a player saved up 150 flower points, they can turn in these flower points for one of the following rewards.

Reward Notes
Super mystery box.png Super mystery box Not for Ironman Mode players
Cosmetic mystery box.png Cosmetic mystery box N/A
Add 100 points to amount donated..png Add 100 points to amount donated. N/A