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TL;DR version

  • Always use a unique password and pin on Anarchy.
  • If you get hacked, we may not be able to recover any stolen items, especially if they were staked.
  • Never share your password, pin or personal information.
  • Do not share, sell, stake or give away your account.
  • Donator ranks can be transferred between your own accounts as long as you donated for it yourself and both accounts have always belonged to you. Scrolls from mystery boxes or flower poker cannot be transferred.
  • Hacking will result in a ban.
  • Do not engage in repeated toxic behavior.
  • Advertising another RSPS will get you permanently ip-muted.
  • Making excessive use of bots may get you banned.
  • Scamming other players may get you banned.
  • Real world trading is allowed but highly discouraged.
  • Do not lend items to other players.

Account security

Always use a unique password on Anarchy, as far too many websites and games (especially RSPS) tend to have poor security, leading to leaked passwords. To change your password, you can use the "::changepass newpassword" command (replace "newpassword" with a password of your choosing). Setting a unique pin is also highly recommended (you can set a pin by opening your bank and clicking the "pin" button at the bottom of the screen). Never share your password, pin or personal information with anyone else under any circumstance, not even with staff members or the owners. We put a very high value on security and make sure that nobody can ever access your IP, password or pin through Anarchy. Securing your account is your own responsibility. We cannot be held responsible if your account is hacked because you have an easy to guess password or use the same password on another site or game whose password database gets leaked. If your account is hacked, we may not be able to recover any stolen items, especially if they were staked to other players who were unaware that the items were stolen.

Do not share, sell, stake or give away your account, although we will not punish players who do this. If you share your account and the other person performs abusive acts on your account or steals your items, the account may be banned and you cannot reclaim it. It is your responsibility to keep your account safe at all times and not grant access to anyone else to it. Do not buy accounts from other players, as the original owner can always recover the account later. Helpers or staff members who share their account with somone else will immediately lose their status.

Hacking one or more other players will result in a ban and your items may be confiscated. In some cases, it is possible to return items we confiscated from a hacker, but we cannot promise to return any lost items as they may have already been sold or lost. Recovering stolen items is also a very time-consuming task, time that cannot be spent on the development of the server.

Donator rank transfers

You can freely transfer donator ranks or scrolls between your own accounts, but only when both accounts belong to you and have always belonged to you. You can only transfer ranks or scrolls that you donated for yourself or bought in the donator store. Donator scrolls obtained from other players, mystery boxes or flower poker cannot be transferred. To transfer your rank (or part of your rank) to another of your accounts, please send a direct message to Pikachu on Discord.

Offensive behavior, toxicity and spamming

Do not engage in repeated toxic behavior, such as insults, flaming, racism or sexism (among other things), either in public or in private chat. Doing so may result in a warning for the first offense, a 24 hour ip-mute for the second offense, a 7 day ip-mute for the third offense and a permanent ip-mute for a fourth offense.

Advertising another RSPS will result in an immediate permanent ip-mute.


We allow a limited amount of autoclicking through the use of AHK, GhostMouse or simple macros or scripts, as long as this does not result in gaining large amounts of XP, coins or items over a short amount of time. Players who make excessive use of bots for large gains may be banned and their XP and/or items may be removed.

Scamming and real world trading

It is not allowed to scam other players by promising something and not meeting your end of the deal. If you scam other players, you may be banned and items confiscated from your account.

Real world trading is highly discouraged. If you do engage in real world trading, there is a very high chance of being scammed, even if you use a middleman. Owners will not operate as middleman. If you are scammed, either in-game or through real world trading, you will not receive compensation. Jagex has also been cracking down hard on RWT lately, resulting in several traders and middlemen getting banned from OSRS. So there is also a very real chance of getting banned on OSRS for real world trading. Lastly, even if you do not get scammed and Jagex does not ban you, you may still lose what you paid for in Anarchy. If someone obtained items illegitimately - for example through hacking or bug abuse - and you buy those items with OSRS gold, we may confiscate the items and you'll end up losing both your OSRS gold and the items you bought in Anarchy.

Lending items

Do not lend items to other players. If you lend an item and the other person does not return it (or they lose or sell the item), we will not be able to retrieve it. The staff team will not interfere in these cases, as it is your responsibility to keep your items safe and under no circumstance entrust them to someone else.