Raw karambwan

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Raw karambwan detail.png

Raw karambwan is a fish that can be found in Port Piscarilius and in the Donator Zone. They are commonly used as combo food to out eat large hits from NPCs or other players.


The fastest way of getting to the raw karambwan fishing spot requires a skilling necklace which can either be manually crafted and enchanted or bought from the vote store for 25 vote points. Enchanting a skilling necklace requires 72 Crafting, 68 Magic, a gold bar and a cut dragonstone. The fishing spot is northeast of the necklace teleport to Piscarilius Mining, southeast of the Piscarilius bank and right next to the Fishing Store.

A map of a raw karambwan fishing spot.


Raw karambwans can be fished by players with level 65 Fishing or higher. Catching raw karambwans also requires a karambwan vessel filled with raw karambwanji as bait. Each catch yields 1,500 Fishing experience on a regular account and 50 Fishing experience on an extreme account.

Raw karambwanji, the bait for raw karambwans, can be found in a small lake at the Farming Patches teleport (under Skilling Teleports). To catch raw karambwanji, a small fishing net is needed and level 5 Fishing. This bait should be used on the karambwan vessel in order to fish raw karambwans.

A map of a raw karambwanji fishing spot.


SkillLevelXP (regular)XP (extreme)
Cooking Cooking305,700190
ToolsNoneFacilitiesCooking range icon.png Cooking range
Raw karambwan.pngRaw karambwan1
Cooked karambwan.pngCooked karambwan1

Cooking a raw karambwan requires 30 Cooking and yields 5,700 Cooking experience on a regular account and 190 Cooking experience on an extreme account. The current best location to cook raw karambwan would be at the Farming Patches Teleport just east of the lake. Equipping cooking gloves improves the chance to successfully cook it.