Runecraft training

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Crafting runes involve a lot of running, so players will eventually need to talk to A'abla to restore their run energy. A'able can be found next to the altar in Edgeville.

Another method to gain Runecraft experience, besides crafting runes, is crafting bones to bananas or bones to peaches tablets at the lectern in the Abyss. Crafting a bones to bananas tablet requires 2 earth runes, 2 water runes, 1 nature rune and 1 soft clay. Crafting a bones to peaches tablet requires 4 earth runes, 4 water runes, 2 nature runes and 1 soft clay.


Essence pouches are used for any Runecraft training methods that involve using rune or pure essence. They allow you to craft more runes per run, as they can be filled with rune or pure essence and then emptied to add the rune or pure essence back into your inventory. This increases experience rates considerably in most cases.

When crafting different runes at once, a rune pouch can be used to store the crafted runes. All wilderness NPCs have a 1/61 chance to drop a rune pouch, so killing low level NPCs like druids is the easiest way to obtain a rune pouch.

Experience rates

Using a medium and large pouch at the nature rift grants approximately 3,500,000 Runecraft experience per hour for regular players, as it is the closest to the bank. Using the pouches at the soul rift grants around 4,000,000 Runecraft experience per hour.