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During a Treasure Trail, a coordinate clue is a clue scroll that contains a set of coordinates. Much like the real-world longitude and latitude geographic coordinate system, where angular coordinates correspond to your north-south and east-west position, coordinates in Anarchy indicate a precise point somewhere on the surface where the next clue scroll, or potentially the treasure casket, is buried. Coordinates are presented in the following format:

(click to enlarge)

3 degrees 0 minutes north/south
2 degrees 0 minutes east/west

In Anarchy, one square of space is equivalent to 15/8 (1.875) minutes of arc. 0°00' degrees north and 0°00' degrees east is located in the middle of the Observatory.

Although a chart, sextant and watch may be used to determine one's present coordinates, players only need a spade in their inventory to dig up the clue. Those items can be obtained from the Clue Scroll Handler in Edgeville.

Following is a list of all known coordinate clues and their corresponding locations. • Remember: You must have a spade with you to dig up coordinate clues.

Note that some of the clues may require skill requirements before you will be able to get to that location.

Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight
4 degrees 58 minutes south,

23 degrees 35 minutes east



None. X mark.png
Image Map
Coordinate clue 04.58S 23.35E.png 04.58S 23.35E map.png
Location notes
Northeast of the Desert Bandits teleport (under Monster Teleports).
Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight
6 degrees 56 minutes north,

20 degrees 48 minutes east



None. X mark.png
Image Map
Coordinate clue 06.56S 20.48E.png 06.56S 20.48E map.png
Location notes
In the back garden of Draynor Manor.
Coordinates Shorthand Requirements Fight
9 degrees 48 minutes north,

27 degrees 7 minutes east



None. X mark.png
Image Map
Coordinate clue 09.48N 27.07E.png 09.48N 27.07E map.png

Emote clues

Emote clues involve performing an emote in a particular location, sometimes while wearing certain equipment. These types of clues are featured in all levels of Treasure Trails.

Clue Items Notes Map
Blow a kiss in front of the spirit tree located in a large city populated by gnomes while wearing a rune axe and wooden shield. Rune axe.png Wooden shield.png Northwest of the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course (under Skilling Teleports). Emote clue - Blow a kiss spirit tree.png

Hot Cold

Strange device detail.png

Hot Cold clues are clues in which a strange device will tell the player in the chatbox whether the player is Hot (close to) or Cold (far away from) the intended location to dig. A strange device can be purchased from the Clue Scroll Handler in Edgeville.

To find your location, click on the strange device and it will tell you how close you are to the treasure. Its temperature is based on the distance of the treasure from the player, measured in the number of steps it would take to reach the treasure. Then, teleport or walk to another location, and check to see if the strange device has gotten warmer. Repeat to pinpoint a location.

Clue Image Map Location notes
Use Watson's strange device somewhere hot and dry.
Hot cold clue - Somewhere hot and dry.png
Hot cold clue - Somewhere hot and dry map.png
Teleport to the Kalphite Cave (under Slayer Teleports), leave the cave, then keep walking east until the strange device says it's visibly shaking.


Map clues are an image of a location the player needs to search to advance along their trail. Maps are rough pictures of a very local area. If the map leads to an X, the player needs to take a spade to the place indicated on the map with the X and dig there. If the map leads to a crate or chest, it must simply be searched. Maps can include landmarks such as buildings, fish to indicate fishing spots, roads, rivers, bridges, and so on.

Map Location Image Map
Map clue Fishing Guild.png Search the chest in the Fishing Guild. The Fishing Guild can be reached by using the Ardougne teleport under City Teleports and then walk north. Image clue solution Fishing Guild.png Map clue solution Fishing Guild.png
Map clue Karamja Volcano.png Dig at the Karamja Volcano. Image clue solution Karamja Volcano.png Map clue solution Karamja Volcano.png