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If you cannot get Anarchy to run, please check below for a list of commonly occurring issues and how to resolve them:

Problem: I can start the client, but when I enter a username and password, it says "Invalid username or password".

Solution: This message means the username you entered is already taken by someone else. You will need to pick a different username.

Problem: When I double-click Anarchy.jar, it opens in Winrar or another program or gives a black screen that pops up for just a second and then closes, but it does not start the game.

Solution: Right-click Anarchy.jar, choose 'Open with' and select 'Java(TM) Platform SE Library'. If Java is not listed, please download java at We also recommend to change the program associated with the .jar extension to Java. This can be achieved by downloading Jarfix (from this website), which will fix the file association of Anarchy.jar with the correct program (Java).

Problem: When I double-click Anarchy.jar, it asks what program I want to use to open it.

Solution: You need Java to run our game, please download it at

Problem: I get the following error when opening my client:

Cache error.png

Solution: Your cache has most likely become corrupt, this can solved by deleting the cache folder and restarting your client. On a Windows computer, if for example your username is "John", then you will find the cache folder in "C:/Users/John/.Anarchy_Cache/" (replace "John" with your actual username). Simply delete the entire ".Anarchy_Cache" folder and restart your client. On a Linux or MacOS computer, you should find the cache folder in "/home/John/.Anarchy_Cache/" (again, replace "John" with the username you use on your computer).

Problem: I still cannot get the game to run.

Solution: Try the following:

  • Open the Start menu
  • On Windows computers: Type "cmd" (without quotes), press Enter
  • On an OS X or Linux computer: Go to "Applications", choose "Utilities" and then "Terminal"
  • Use the "cd" command in your terminal to browse to the folder where you downloaded your client. For example, if you downloaded our client in "C:/Users/John/Downloads", then type "cd C:/Users/John/Downloads" (without quotes).
  • Enter "java -jar Anarchy.jar" (without quotes). This will run your client. If it doesn't, it means you don't have the proper java version and need to download the latest one at

If none of the above works, please send a message to Pikachu#6645 on our Discord channel or send an e-mail to Anarchy email.png.